Clinical Investigator Training Program NOVA Lisbon January 2023

Description: Learn the key principles of clinical research/clinical trials; Observational vs Interventional trials; various forms of observational trials; randomized clinical trials.

Description: A brief historical perspective. The 7 guiding ethical principles that govern clinical research. 

Description: Importance of Informed Consent, Principles and Informed Consent Process. What are the patient's rights and how does the investigative team fulfill their responsibility to the patient. 

Description: Introduction, overview, objectives of each phase of clinical trial research. 

Description: An overview of different study designs to use in clinical research - including case-control studies, cohort studies, ecological studies and cross-sectional studies 

Description: Overview of the various component of an actual therapeutic protocol and the components that make up a successful trial. Importance of the research question.

Description: Introduction of qualitative research and how it differs from quantitative research. Describe the definition and differences between both types of research. 

Description: How do we execute clinical research and what responsibilities need to be met by each role of the team?

Description: Understanding the role of protocol peer review, and learn how to review a protocol. 

Description: Review of protocol examples and implementing what we have learnt so far in creating a protocol.