Rabia Khan

Rabia Khan | 23 years old | Pakistan

Rabia was a very intelligent and social student who was attending college when she started experiencing symptoms of depression. She lost interest in her studies and in life. She became a completely different person than the outgoing person she once used to be, isolating herself from society. After noticing the changes in behavior, her family took her to a local hospital near her community in Ghizer District, Gilgit-Baltistan. The psychiatrist there diagnosed her with depression and prescribed medicines. For four years, under the treatment of the psychiatrist, she took medication that would make her drowsy and numb. She had to discontinue her education as a result. Her family noticed her mental health was not improving - in fact, she would be so drowsy that it would interfere with her ability to perform basic tasks. Then, her family learned about the AKDN eHealth Programme and visited the Aga Khan Medical Centre in Gilgit to avail eHealth services. There, through teleconsultations, she was able to consult Dr. Hena Jawaid, a Psychiatrist at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi. Rabia received the quality health care services she needed. Dr Hena diagnosed her with Bipolar Effective Disorder and prescribed a different treatment regimen. Rabia also learned about how to manage her disorder from Dr Hena. Since then, Rabia’s condition has improved greatly - she has been able to resume her studies and return to her normal life. Learn more about her story through Rabia and her sister, Shahida, in the following video:

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