Nizora Nazarshoeva

Nizora Nazarshoeva |2.5 years old | Tajikistan

Two-and-a-half year old Nizora Nazarshoeva was playing in her home when the television accidently fell on her head, injuring her. Nizora started having severe headache and would not stop crying. She also complained of having problems with eye-sight. Her parents rushed her to the Ishkashim District Hospital (IDH) where she was diagnosed with Facial Neuritis, which occurs due to nerve inflammation or damage to one or more nerves that run through the face. Doctors at IDH recommended that she undergo immediate surgery, however, due to the unavailability of a Neurosurgeon at IDH, Nizora was taken to Khorog Oblast General Hospital.

Dr Zubayda Aqdodova, the only Paediatric Neurosurgeon at KOGH, agreed with the family to operate Nizora. Before surgery, however, Dr Zubayda decided to consult specialists at National Medical Centre (NMC), Dushanbe for a second opinion. The AKDN eHealth Programme in Tajikistan connects KOGH with NMC for teleconsultation services, so a teleconsultation was quickly arranged.

Dr Choriev Shuhrat, the Neurosurgeon at NMC, along with a team of physicians, examined Nizora’s case and concluded that she does not require surgery. The team suggested that Nizora be treated through medications and assured her family that Nizora would be able to fully recover through them.

Nizora was administered the medicines prescribed by the team at NMC and made a complete recovery. Through teleconsultations, doctors sitting 570 km away, at NMC, were able to provide a second opinion on Nizora’s case. She was able to receive proper diagnosis, which prevented her from having to undergo surgery.

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