Junaid Ali

Junaid Ali | 38 years old | Tajikistan

Junaid Ali, a 38 year old man, was brought to the emergency department of the Ishkashim Comprehensive Health Centre in a critical condition with a gunshot wound in his knee. His left knee was bleeding profusely and he had an increased respiratory rate with low blood pressure.

Junaid had ruptured a major artery in his leg, and as a result, it became difficult for the emergency room (ER) team to stop the bleeding. The team concluded the bullet had created a hole in his knee joint and that a second opinion was required to decide the way forward. Since the Ishkashim District Hospital is connected to the Faizabad Provincial Hospital (FPH) for teleconsultation services, an emergency teleconsultation was arranged with Dr Hamayon Frotan, a surgeon at the FPH. Upon analyzing the Junaid’s condition, Dr Hamayon recommended a method of intervention, a drug to be administered followed by procedure of operation. The surgeon at Ishkashim, Dr Qutbuddin Fazly, immediately administered the medication and shifted the patient to the operation theatre to begin surgery. After a long procedure, bleeding finally stopped and Junaid was out of danger. Junaid was soon shifted to the recovery room and later discharged after complete recovery.

“Without consultation with the specialist at Faizabad, it would have been difficult to stop his bleeding,” said Dr Qutbuddin, commenting on how eHealth helped save Junaid’s life.

If Junaid were to have travelled to FPH, the travel time would have been between eight to ten hours, depending on the conditions of the roads and the availability of transportation. Given the amount and speed of blood loss he was experiencing, this would have put him in a life-threatening situation. Junaid says he is grateful to the doctors at Ishkashim CHC and FPH for saving his life. He believes that without the teleconsultation, he would have lost his leg or even worse, his life.

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