Firuza Kurbonova

Firuza Kurbonova | Tajikistan

Firuza Kurbonova lived in a remote village in Darwaz, Tajik-Badakshan, an area where quality health care is not easily accessible. In her 33rd week of pregnancy, Firuza started losing consciousness. Doctors at the nearest hospital, Darwaz District Hospital, where AKDN eHealth services are available, scheduled a live teleconsultation for her with a specialist at Khorog Oblast General Hospital (KOGH).

As a result of the teleconsultation, Dr Gulsara Chorshanbieva at KOGH asked the family to bring Firuza to KOGH for treatment. Once she arrived at the hospital, she was assessed by various doctors. An X-ray revealed that she had brain cancer. Due to the lack of a tomography machine at KOGH meant that Firuza had to go to Dushanbe to be assessed. At Dushanbe, doctors confirmed that she had brain cancer and decided to perform a premature caesarean operation first to save her baby. The operation was successful and Firuza gave birth to a son.

However, a few days later, Firuza unfortunately went into a coma and later died. While saddened by the death of Firuza, her family was at least grateful that doctors were able to save the baby. Had it not been for the timely teleconsultation with specialists at KOGH, Firuza’s condition would not have been detected on time and doctors may not have been able to save her baby either. Firuza’s family was very grateful to the AKDN eHealth programme for saving their grandchild.

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