Bibi Gulnara

Bibi Gulrana | 2.5 years old | Afghanistan

In September 2016, Bibi Gulrana, a two and a half year old, playful toddler, started suffering from a severe facial skin rash. It was due to an environmental allergy in her area in the Sachak Yakowlang District in Bamyan. Bibi’s whole face, from her forehead to her upper lip had red, itchy, irregularly-shaped, elevated patches.

Her parents took her to Yakowlang District Hospital for the treatment, but the doctor there was unable to diagnose her properly. She was referred to Bamyan Provincial Hospital (BPH) where she was admitted in the paediatric ward on an emergency basis. There was very little improvement in her condition, so Dr Abdul Rashed Ehraz, Paediatrician, BPH, referred her for a dermatology teleconsultation with a specialist at the French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC). The AKDN eHealth Programme connects the FMIC with BPH for teleconsultations and eLearning services, so a teleconsultation was arranged with Dr. Hayatullah Noor Shalizi, Dermatologist at FMIC. Dr Hayatullah examined Bibi and diagnosed her with a severe form of Photodermatitis, an abnormal skin reaction to sunlight, which results in rash, blisters or scaly patches. He prescribed medicines and after a couple of follow-up visits, Bibi was able to make a full recovery.

Grateful to the AKDN eHealth Programme, Bibi’s father described his experience, “Had the [AKDN] eHealth Programme not been available at the Bamyan Provincial Hospital, I would not have been able to get my daughter the treatment she needed as it required multiple follow-up visits. Going to Kabul for these visits was not possible for me since I could not spare so much time and I also did not have enough money for it.”

Through teleconsultation services, Bibi’s family was able to consult a specialist 350 km away and receive proper treatment.

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