Amin Jamshed

Amin Jamshed | 7 years old |Tajikistan

Amin Jamshed, a seven-year-old child from Khorog, was a happy, healthy child. One Sunday morning, he woke up crying, unable to describe the pain he was experiencing in his body. Shortly after, his hands went limp and he started complaining about not being able to pass urine. Then, his arms and legs were paralyzed.

Worriedly, his mother called the local health care professionals of the village. They were unable to diagnose him as Amin could see, hear and respond, but was completely paralyzed in his arms and legs. His parents rushed him to the Khorog Oblast General Hospital (KOGH), located 45 minutes away from their village. Dr Zubayda Aqdodova, a Paediatric Neurologist at KOGH, diagnosed him with polaradiculoneuropathy, an autoimmune disorder. Given that she is the only Paediatric Neurologist at the hospital, she decided to take a second opinion for Amin’s case. The AKDN eHealth Programme connects the KOGH with the French Medical Institute (FMIC) in Afghanistan, so a teleconsultation was arranged with FMIC.

Through teleconsultation, Amin’s case was discussed with Dr. Estmatullah Hamid, Paediatric Neurologist at FMIC. Dr Estmatullah diagnosed Amin with a different problem - widespread myelitis, as a result of a vaccination he had been administered a few days earlier. Dr Estmatuallah prescribed a treatment plan and medications were started immediately.

Over the next few days, Amin’s condition improved. He was gradually able to move his legs and hands again and regained mobility. His family was very pleased with his recovery and is grateful to the Aga Khan Development Network eHealth Programme for offering services allowing them to connect with specialists in another country, which helped save their child’s life.

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