Impact Evaluation of the Online Course in eHealth (A Mix Methods Study)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Online Course in eHealth

Academic institutions, corporations and governmental institutions are increasingly leveraging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to deliver education and training through eLearning. Amidst this growth, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of such eLearning interventions.

AKDN eHRC identifies and recognizes the potential of eLearning technologies in health care. In order to help build professional, clinical and managerial capacities of health care professionals, AKDN eHRC designed and launched a year-long, certificate course in eHealth, the Online Course in eHealth. The course consists of 11 modules including a final Capstone module and provides an understanding of eHealth, its major components and its implementation in the developing countries.

In 2016, AKDN eHRC, under the Central Asia Health Systems Strengthening Project, undertook a qualitative and quantitative research study aimed to evaluate the experiences and perceptions of students and facilitators about the eHealth course and their level of knowledge and satisfaction. Twenty participants from multiple AKDN agencies who were part of the pilot cohort, offered from April 2015 to March 2016, were enrolled in the study.

The course consists of a systematic evaluation mechanism through which pre- and post-tests are administered before the after each module, which were evaluated for the study. The tests and results were analysed by evaluation experts in the field of health systems, eHealth, Information Technology, telemedicine, mHealth, eLearning and health informatics. The results indicated significant change and impact in the level of the participants’ knowledge, satisfaction and perception. The research study also showed that understanding of eHealth and its major components through an online course improved learning experiences.

Furthermore, recommendations were provided to encourage structured collaboration by embedding recurring activities in the form of online group assignments, case study discussions and real-time audio or video calls. It was further suggested that the Online Course in eHealth be modified for the second cohort and similar online courses for healthcare professionals working in remote and resource-poor heath settings be delivered.

Initiated in April 2015, the Online Course in eHealth continues to be offered to a global audience with 43 participants who have taken part from across the world through three cohorts. The course is funded by the Global Affairs Canada and Aga Khan Foundation Canada under the CAHSS project.

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