Online Course in eHealth

In an effort to improve health status of communities in underserved regions, AKDN eHRC has committed itself to helping build capacities of health care professionals, allowing them to increase their professional knowledge; enhance their clinical and managerial skills; and enabling them to deliver improved quality of care to patients.

In line with this mandate, AKDN eHRC developed and launched its very first eHealth course, the Online Course in eHealth in 2015. In April 2016, the second cohort of the course was opened up to a global audience. Professionals from various countries, including Canada, Afghanistan, Aland Islands, Tajikistan, UAE, Nigeria, Kyrgyz Republic, Bhutan, United Kingdom, Greece, Morocco and Russia, among others, participated in the course.

The year-long course helps professionals understand the concepts of eHealth, implement eHealth solutions and address the challenges around eHealth service delivery, primarily in low-and-middle income countries (LMICs). It consists of 11 modules, each of which is delivered over a period of three weeks. Specific target audience for the course include health care professionals, biomedical engineers, researchers, academicians, administrators and managers working in the health care and social development sector of LMICs.

AKDN eHRC designed and developed the Online Course in eHealth through collaborations with faculty from George Washington University, USA; Dalhousie University, Canada; McMaster University, Canada; and the Aga Khan University, Pakistan.

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